Breaking News In The Demigod Realm!

This is the fan art of Percy Jackson done by Viria, which is the new official character art.

Sophia K. Dalberg, Reporter

Breaking new hit the realms of Greek and Roman Demigods alike this weekend. Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson/Hero’s of Olympus series, and the king of the nerd world announced new official Percy Jackson fan art! Now if you are out there wondering why this is a big deal, it is because it is finally some good news for the Half-Bloods of the world. After having our main characters literally thrown into the pits of hell and two back to back cringe worthy movies, new official art work is like a blessing from Zeus himself.

This was the original, official character art of Percy Jackson.

Now I understand that all art is beautiful in its own way, and really all art is subjective, something that one person hates another person could absolutely love. However, in the world of Percy Jackson there was a pretty strong consensus by the fans that the official art was not approved of. Let’s just say that the original official artwork was just not what the fans of the series wanted or expected. It didn’t fit the imagery of the characters that the books described and all in all the drawings just didn’t hit home with many of the reader.

Luckily for the nerd world, though, there are always super talented artists out there who created fan made art for these characters. Those these works were not official they were usually much better received and loved amongst the Demigod community. One of the most popular among them was an artist that goes by the name of Viria. Everyone loved her artwork, it encompassed the character as all the fans saw them. She was able to show these characters as normal teen, but also captured their intensity and powers. It was just more realistic representations of these fan favorite characters. Throughout all the years of fan art hers has always reigned supreme. The most well received and shared amongst the fans, this unofficial art was more real to them then the actual official art.

This is the fan art of Percy Jackson done by Viria, which is the new official character art.

Then it happened! Uncle Rick did it again, he listened to his fans and decided that he agreed with them. The fan art needed to be changed, and so this weekend, on January 24th, on his Instagram he announced that Viria was now the official artist for both the Percy Jackson and The Hero’s of Olympus series. He said, “Like the Percy fan art by Viria? Think it should be the official art? Me too!”, and he even went as far to commission new characters for her to draw as well. The fans went wild and were filled with happiness at this amazing news. Rick is an author that always comes through for his fans and once again he worked with them to make his fandom even better.

Above is a slideshow to commemorate the evolution of the Percy Jackson fan art, showing the old and new side by side. If you would like to see all the new official art go to Ricks website at

Demigods rejoice and, until next time, stay nerdy!