TAG Day Brings CFHS Marching Band Together to Raise Money

Arlie Munday, Staff Writer

Just like most things, for the marching band, money is a necessity. From cleaning uniforms, to getting new sheet music, and repairing instruments, a lot of cash is needed to keep them afloat. The biggest fundraiser they do is by far TAG day.

On Sept. 18, Forge Sound and Guard continued a tradition that had been going on for years: TAG day, a fundraiser where kids in marching band get in their uniforms and go around neighborhoods asking for donations. It’s a process that takes planning and coordination.

“Nicole and I have to plan for all the groups and who’s in which group. There’s a lot of details because it’s going out into the public and actually asking people for money; it’s like a month-long process and planning thing,” said drum major McKenna Connelly (‘22).

This year, they were able to raise over $12,000, with one group managing to get a $500 dollar donation.

“This one lady gave us a $300 check at the door, and after doing a little dance for her, she signed us for $500 instead.’ said saxophone player Ivanna De Leon Casas (‘24).

TAG Day is a Win-Win situation, not only does the band get donations, but the band kids get to walk around and have fun with friends,“I think for me it’s just walking around and hanging out with the person that you’ve been partnered with, like I got partnered with Jackson and he and I were just cracking jokes the entire time,” said Kimberly Tlapa (‘22). 

Many kids in the marching band have a crazy story of some kind. “One woman, my sophomore year, when I knocked on her door and she answered, there was a parrot on her shoulder,” said Mckenna, ”and she asked me if I wanted to come inside for I don’t even know what. I think she said like for tea or something, to drink tea and talk to her parrot, and that was a no.”

Although TAG day is over, you can still donate to Forge’s marching band virtually with Paypal.