Last Minute Prom Hair Ideas

Michaela Tucker, Reporter

Prom season is upon us and last minute planning can be a stressful part about getting ready for prom night. Here are some hair ideas you can easily do on your own or with the help of a friend.

Short Hair:

Short hair can leave you limited to hairstyles but doesn’t mean you can’t have something interesting. If you have a strapless dress rock all hair down with nice waves or curls. If you want your hair to be out of your face you can do a half up half down with some curls and throw in some braids and hair accessories. One strap or a high neckline dress you and pin or braid your hair to one side or braid and pin it up with a few pieces hanging out to make it not as uniform.


Medium length hair:

If you have a strapless dress, wearing your hair down or in a half up half down will be the way to go. You can do a french braid crown where you french braid your hair back to your ears on both sides of your hair and then regular braid it down all the way and then pin it back and curl the rest of your hair. You can also waterfall braid your hair into a half up half down. For a dress that has one strap or a high neck line rock up do. One up do option is a slick ponytail with a hair bump in the front and add some curls.


Long hair:

Long hair has a lot more options and you can really do anything from the short and medium hair sections, plus whatever you may find on pinterest.


African American Hairstyles/ Curly Hair:

For our curly girls and girls with textured hair you have a lot of options whether to have a sleek up do or rocking your natural curls.