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Ian Bamberg (’11): Making It Big

Ian Bamberg (’11): Making It Big

Shelby Shillingburg, Editor In Chief

October 4, 2013

There’s nothing like the feeling of turning on your television and seeing a face you recognize from high school. This is exactly what happened on Wednesday, Sept. 25. At 9 p.m. (EST) a new episode of Criminal Minds aired with an appearance from Ian Bamberg (‘11). Before Bamberg graduated, he sta...

Side Effects Review

Haley Grubbs, News Editor

April 23, 2013

Though Director Steven Soderbergh has recently announced that he will be retiring, “Side Effects” is a movie that will send him out with a bang. The film takes an interesting approach to modern society’s medication reliance. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura claims that people in such a technolo...

Artist You Should Check Out: Harry Fraud

Manuel Lemus, Web Content Editor

April 17, 2013

  Brooklyn producer Harry Fraud has become the go-to guy for beats every since his hit back in 2011 titled “Shot Caller” with fellow New York native French Montana. “La musica de Harry Fraud” is a pretty common intro every hip-hop fan has heard at least once these past couple of years. Get you...

Artist You Should Check Out: Chet Faker

Brittney Norwood, Reporter

April 8, 2013

At first glance, this heavy-bearded man may fit the stereotype of a rough, rugged indie artist, but don't let the beard fool you. Melbourne born and raised, Chet Faker may not have the typical R&B look, but he has the voice to back it up. I came across Chet Faker from fellow Aussie producer/ma...

7 Great School Apps

Haley Grubbs, News Editor

March 14, 2013

1. Book Bargain 2. Class Buddy 3. Cliffnotes to go 4. app 5.Graphing Calculator 6. iFlipr Flashcards 7. myHomework  ...

“New Jet City” Mixtape Review

Manuel Lemus, Web Content Editor

February 28, 2013

Throughout  2012 Curren$y has been releasing mixtapes building up hype for his next studio album Pilot Talk 3. Now 2013, the rapper releases his new mixtape New Jet City to his long collection of material, which only shows how consistent he has been over the years. The mixtape features artists Wiz ...

Mac DeMarco “2” review

Manuel Lemus, Web Content Editor

February 15, 2013

       When Canadian singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco released his EP, “Rock And Roll Night Club” I was left confused by it. 9 out of the 12 songs were a lo-fi, weird, home recording, in what sounds like a impersonation of Elvis. So I couldn’t get a sense of what really DeMarco was about. Th...

A Guy’s View On Taylor Swift

Manuel Lemus, Web Content Editor

February 7, 2013

In my lifetime, which hasn’t been that long, I haven't heard of a girl that is so “thirsty” as Taylor Swift. When she first hit the music scene she was praised for her honesty and humbleness in her music but I thought to myself “Who is this blonde looking asian chick? Get her off my tv. She l...

A Girl’s View On Taylor Swift

Brooke Warren, News Editor

February 7, 2013

Many may disagree with me that taylor swift is amazing. I call those people heartless.  Granted, the majority of her songs may be considered “whiney” but from a girls standpoint, I can back her up. She knows how to preach to the choir, well in her case, sing. In her new CD, RED, which came out on...

Flatbush Zombies Mixtape Review

Manuel Lemus, Web Content Editor

January 22, 2013

The Hip-Hop scene in the East Coast, particularly New York has been rising over the past two summers. Flatbush Zombies, have been rising up ladder and are keen to make a name for themselves. The trio consists of Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice, and Erick Arc Elliott. Their video “Thug Waffle” went viral...

On The Town

Haley Grubbs, News Editor

January 22, 2013

The lights flashed bright hues of purple, blue, and yellow as the speakers blared and the audience screamed. Band of Horses had their last concert of 2012 on Saturday, December fifteenth at the National in Richmond. The band enjoyed themselves playing original tracks from their first non-EP album, Everything Al...

Breaking Jaws and Records, Bond Returns

Haley Grubbs, News Editor

January 15, 2013

With a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes and overall four and a half out of five stars, the new Bond movie, Skyfall, has caught the attention from critics everywhere. Daniel Craig plays James Bond for the third time in what’s being called the “Best Bond Debut” ever, raking in $88.4 million during opening...

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