Lacey Miller

Crowded hallways during class changes at Colonial Forge.

People Need a Touch up on Hallway Etiquette, Like, Right Now

Too many people have forgotten how to be polite in a shared space, so a lesson is greatly needed.

Stop stopping in the hallways. If I have to walk across the entire school in five minutes or less, there is no time to waste. That means you absolutely cannot stop in the hallways and “dab” your friends up, or give them that awkward side hug. If you have to stop in the hallways, do it in a space that isn’t necessarily in the way of people. You aren’t the only person in the hallway.

I sit on the floor for lunch. Except, I’m considerate. I sit with my legs crossed so people don’t trip over me. I cannot say the same for the people I have to weave around in the crowded hallway. When sitting in the hallway, try being seated in a way that isn’t inconveniencing people walking, like with your knees up or having your legs against the wall.

Hallway etiquette means knowing how much space you take up.

Wearing those crusty Adidas slides does not give you the right to walk as slowly as you possibly could. Pick up your feet and walk like the big kid you are. I have places to be and absolutely no time to get to those places. You know what you’re doing, stop doing it.

Hallway etiquette means being considerate to other students.

When walking against the flow of traffic in the hallway it is polite to stay on the right wall as much as possible, but when you see me coming spare me a little room. It is the bare minimum for you to move slightly, do not just look at me and make me stop so you can squeeze past. It’s also good for you, so I don’t accidentally ram my shoulder into you.

Hallway etiquette means sometimes giving others a little grace.

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