Eagle News Now 5-6-22


Kieran Murphy, Sports Editor

Your weekly news breakdown from the Talon Online News out of Colonial Forge High School. This weekly update is for April 29 through May 6, 2022.


Welcome back to your weekly news bite. I’m your host Kieran Murphy and this is Eagle News Now.


The Roe vs. Wade law, the law that grants abortion as a constitutional right, has caused great controversy across America. Supposedly 22 states will try to overturn Roe vs. Wade, banning abortion, no matter the case. Sixteen states have protected abortion rights and will not allow for this. 

So far in Virginia, abortions will still be legal in the first and second trimester. Third trimester abortion will be allowed for victims and those who’s lives are in risk due to the pregnancy. 

As of now, Governor Glenn Youngkin has stated that he does not wish to change the abortion laws and that it should be a states’ rights issue.


Since the planned departure of White House Press Jen Psaki to MSNBC, the successor has recently been named, deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

 This is monumental seeing as how Jean-Pierre will not only become the first black press secretary but also the first LGBTQ person to fill this role. 

President Biden had this to say, “Karine not only brings the experience, talent and integrity needed for this difficult job, but she will continue to lead the way in communicating about the work of the Biden-Harris Administration on behalf of the American people.” She will fill in the role starting next week after Psaki’s official departure.


On Tuesday night a man with a replica gun ran on stage and tackled comedian Dave Chappelle during his performance at a Los Angeles festival. Early on Wednesday morning police confirmed that the weapon could have ejected a knife blade.

It is still unknown if the man attempted to use the weapon. This attack did end up backfiring with several people rushing him immediately leaving him with severe injuries and landing him in the hospital. The motive for Tuesday night’s attack is still unclear.


In recent years, information regarding colleges and universities’ ties to slavery has been released, the most recent one being Harvard University. 

After the report was released earlier this week, the university came under fire as many wondered if they would actually follow through with any of the recommendations from the report such as to “engage with these descendants through dialogue, programming, information sharing, relationship building, and educational support.”

In the past, many other institutions such as Georgetown University have had protests or walkouts regarding their response to public acknowledgment of their participation in the owning and selling of enslaved people.


Madonna, pop legend, has been sending messages to Pope Francis over twitter. According to her, she has already been excommunicated 3 times already. She wrote to the pope to ask for an audience in the Vatican via a funny tweet, quote, “I’m a good Catholic. I Swear! I mean I don’t Swear! It’s been a few decades since my last confession. Would it be possible to meet up one day to discuss some important matters?” Unquote.

While it hasn’t been proven that she has been excommunicated, she has been known for using borderline offensive religious imagery in her shows. However, Madonna claims that this was just her showing she was a devout Catholic.


Our Girls soccer team is currently ranked 10th in the nation per Under Armor ranking. The lady Eagles are 9-0, and 1st in the Commonwealth. Per Maxprep, the girls are 5th in VA Division 6, falling under Kellam, Crosby, Thomas Jefferson, and Fairfax.


That is your update for this week. This is your host Kieran Murphy signing off, see you next week.