Level Up: Rocket League

Rocket League Flies To The Top Of The Charts


Keane Sanders, Reporter

Rocket League is a game that introduces rocket-powered battle cars to soccer. As weird as this game may sound, it’s actually really fun and takes a lot of skill. This is a multiplayer game with different team sizes and game modes for you to choose from. In addition to this game being an online multiplayer game, there is also the ability to play split-screen with a friend. There are over 30 cars to choose from and they are all customizable. In the garage you can change your vehicle’s paint job, decal, wheels, boost type, antenna, and topper.

In this photo the Road Hog (left) is attempting to score a goal in Exhibition mode.

Rocket League has an abundance of different game modes for you to master. Some popular game modes are Rumble, Standard, and Doubles.

Rumble is a three-on-three game mode that allows you to use different power ups every ten seconds to your advantage. Standard game-mode is just a regular three on three match, and doubles is a two on two match. These game modes are under the standard category. There are competitive game modes for those who feel they are ready for it. You’re given a rank after playing ten matches of competitive matches. The ranks for competitive are: Prospect I, Prospect II, Prospect III, Prospect Elite, Challenger I, Challenger II, Challenger III, Challenger Elite, Rising Star, Shooting Star, All-Star, Superstar, Champion, Super Champion, and Grand Champion. There are competitive seasons in Rocket League that offer rewards depending on the rank you’ve achieved before the season ends. These rewards can vary from different boost trails, or wheels. 

Back to the standard game modes, by playing any game mode, even competitive, you earn experience points and ach

In this photo two cars are battling for possession of the ball.

ieve new levels. The levels are: Rookie, Semi-Pro, Pro, Veteran, Expert, Master, Legend, and finally Rocketeer. While playing standard matches, the Rocket League servers vaguely match your skill levels with others to decide who you’ll play with and against. After every game, no matter if you’ve won or lost, you have a chance of receiving an item, such as a topper, boost trail, or antenna. Featuring one of the newest updates you can now receive champions crates, which contain rare items that aren’t normally rewarded to you at the end of a game. There are four tiers of champion crates: Champions Crate 1, Champions Crate 2, Champions Crate 3, and Champions Crate 4. All of these crates contain different rare items, but to open these crates you need keys. The only way to obtain keys is to buy them, there are four different types of packs of keys that you can buy. These packs contain either one, five, ten, or twenty keys depending on which pack you buy. Once you open a crate, you have a chance of getting a random item, either rare or not. 

Three Takumi battle cars are lined up at the Utopia Coliseum

In the same update, trading has been added to the game. You can trade things such as crates, keys, or even just regular accessories for your car, toppers, antennas, etc. With the new champions crates being added, a lot of players have been trading items that they’ve gotten from crates, but don’t want. When you open a crate with keys that you’ve just bought, you have to wait a week before trading those items you receive to other players. This is to prevent people from making fraudulent transactions, and to stop some sort of  “black market” from forming.