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Visiting The National Baltimore Aquarium

Visiting The National Baltimore Aquarium

Sara Michel, Reporter

May 7, 2019

The National Aquarium is one of the largest earning tourist attractions in Baltimore Maryland with more than 20,000 marine animals, reptiles, amphibians and birds among the building. Ticket prices for the aquarium range from adults, seniors, children (3-11), and children under the age of 2. The prices ...

The Finale: Endgame

The Finale: Endgame

Carlos Barrera, Reporter

May 3, 2019

We've reached the finale in my road to Avengers: Endgame! I am first going to give a no-spoiler review for anyone who's curious, but after that I WILL SPOIL IT. If you read past the warning below, that's on you. Without further ado: Endgame was a great movie, I will not lie, but I believe it was underwhelming in comparison to Infinity War. Th...

MCU Phase Three Movies, Part 2

Carlos Barrera, Reporter

May 3, 2019

Black Panther As much I feel bad for Chadwick Boseman, with the repeated interviews where he has had to yell “Wakanda Forever,” the movie he starred in was great. All the characters are multidimensional, so you can understand Killmonger’s world view as much as T’Challa's. Addition...

Song Of The Week

Malachi Gatlin, Reporter

May 3, 2019 I picked the song Happy by Pharrell Williams because it is prom tomorrow and everyone is happy about it. Prom and after prom should be the best night of the year, so be happy and live the night up!

Event Recap

Malachi Gatlin, Reporter

May 3, 2019

The Boys Varsity Lacrosse had a dominating win over Massaponax High School with a score of 14-0, which is the second biggest blow out of the year. The first blow out was against the same team with a score of 18-0. The Boys Varsity Lacrosse team record moves to a 10-1 record, and they intend to keep...

Forge’s Drama Presents The Addams Family

Sara Michel and Melanie Thomas

April 25, 2019

  Forge Drama’s The Addams Family: A New Musical Comedy performances are at 7pm on Thursday (25th), Friday (26th), and Saturday (27th)! Pre-ticket sales for students are priced at $8 and tickets sold at the door are $10....

MCU Phase Three Movies

Carlos Barrera, Reporter

April 25, 2019

We have reached the final phase and the final chapter of this article before Endgame! Phase 3 has the largest amount of movies, and they are all pretty good, with a few exceptions. I will admit that the movies tended to dip in quality toward the end; my only hope is Endgame does not follow this trend. Ca...

MCU Phase Two Movies

Carlos Barrera, Reporter

April 24, 2019

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s review of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 1 movies. We now move onto Phase 2, with the MCU in full swing. Phase 2 has some amazing movies, but leaves a mixed feelings with how terrible the bad ones are. Iron Man 3 Compared to its predecessor, Iron Man 3 is well structu...

MCU Phase One Movies

April 23, 2019

Iron Man   I have to preface this by saying the Iron Man movies are some of my favorites. It is not only because of the clever writing, the character building, or the set pieces, but for what Robert Downey Jr. did for himself and for Marvel as a whole. Downey was at a low point in his care...

Baseball Mercy Rules Black-Hawks

Patrick Strong, Editor

April 2, 2019

The Baseball team dominated the Brooke Point Black-Hawks last Friday night by a score of 15-4 in just 5 innings. A.J. Zeke (‘19) blasted an early home run for Forge and the Eagles never looked back after the first baseman's crushing solo. Aidan Henderson (‘19) led the way for the Eagles on the mo...

24th Annual Teen Art Show

Amanda Lineweaver, Reporter

March 27, 2019

Hung and framed onto the walls in rows, decorating the library theatre, were more than 100 paintings by more than 90 teenagers within the community. The 24th Annual Teen Art Show exhibit occurred the 8th through the 25th at the Fredericksburg library on Caroline street. The piece declared the b...

Racial Profiling in School

Ernesto Bowen

March 25, 2019

Most people discriminate other people due to their own personal self-esteem issues. Self-esteem means the feelings that people have about their value and ability. For example, between the 17th and 18th century the Europeans believed that they were superior to the population around them; that’s why...

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