Student Creators of Change: A College Explanation

Student Creators of Change takes a tour of the University of Mary Washington Campus

Mrs. Conley

Student Creators of Change takes a tour of the University of Mary Washington Campus

Kieran Murphy, Sports Editor

Every year, one third of college students are first generation college students. Out of that 33%, another 60% of those are the first child in their family to attend a university. With that milestone comes a lot of uncertainty: How do I take college tours? What is the best way to pay for this? What is the best way to go about being accepted into a university?

Luckily, Student Creators of Change is here to help.

Student Creators of Change, or SCC, was started by Mr. Arriaza and Josue Blanco (‘24) to help first generation college students navigate the crazy world that is higher education.

“In our society, when you’re from somewhere else, you’re often seen as weaker. There isn’t as much support there for you, that’s where our club steps in,” Josue said.

On Friday, Feb. 24, SCC took a club trip to the University of Mary Washington. Jason Hernandez (‘24) said, “It was a really great experience, it helped give all of us an idea of the different aspects of college life and different pros and cons.”

The field trip consisted of taking a tour around the UMW campus, where they learned about different majors, ways to pay for college, and what it’s like to be a college student. The tour also included tours of the dorms, classes, and the dining hall.

“It was really helpful,” Cecelia Zelek (‘24) said, “we all got to learn about the different activities that are offered at UMW and how our SAT scores would help open up new opportunities.

There are no more trips of this nature planned for the remainder of the year.

SCC meets every Friday during B-lunch in room 124. They take this time to discuss different collegiate information including but not limited to scholarships, tuitions, and different majors. If interested in attending, contact Josue Blanco for more information on how to join.