Students Are Talking: What is your opinion on Miley Cyrus?

Katie Bashista, Editor in Chief

-”Billy Ray Cyrus should be ashamed.”- Emily Wolf (‘15)

-”I enjoy her hair and I like ‘We Can’t Stop’.”- Caleb Stark (‘16)

-”It’s an awesome publicity stunt.” -Zack Sudbeck (‘15)

-”She tries to express her feelings in interesting ways.”- Kiara Greene (‘15)

– “She needs to grow her hair out and dye it.”- Megan Baczowski (‘16)

-”I think Miley’s evolving as a singer. She’s trying to get away from the Hannah Montana image but she’s going about it the wrong way. As long as she’s having fun though it shouldn’t matter.” -Hannah Johnson (‘15)

– “If she’s trying to get attention she’s doing it right. I just don’t agree with how she’s trying to get attention.” -Marshall Nichols (‘15)

– “I think she’s gotten a little out of control.” -Caroline Requa (‘15)

– “She has very bad morals.” -Connor Taber (‘16)

-” She needs to put on more clothes.” -Melissa Blakeney (‘15)

-”I think she’s beautiful.” -Ashley Batitto (‘16)

-”She sucks at twerking.”- Alex Faha (‘15)

-”She’s ugly and she’s annoying and she should just stop already.”- Matt Blanco (‘16)