Into The Night Tour: Concert Review

Amber Roca, Reporter

Imagine Dragons:Into The Night Concert Review

Friday, February 28th, Imagine Dragons took the stage of the Constant Convocation Center in Norfolk, VA. Accompanied by other Alternative bands: Nico Vega and The Naked and Famous.


Nico Vega and The Naked and Famous both brought a more Alternative Rock sound to set people in the mood for Imagine Dragons. The Los Angeles band, Nico Vega, brought a more modern sound of Alternative Music on guitars as well as a touch of Classic Rock with performances on the drum. Songs like “Gravity” and “Beast”, two of their hit songs, won over the crowd as the sound of lead vocals, and bass guitar electrified throughout the center.


The Naked and Famous performed many of their more recent songs in their performance. While the instrumental section matched original recording, singer Alisa Xayalith’s vocals were not as clear and understandable in the beginning of her performance. The band basked in the limelight as the crowd cheered when they performed their hit song “Young Blood”, lighting and vocals were well performed and the instrumentals were bringing the more current sound to Alternative music.

Imagine Dragons’ performance was one to remember. The energy coming from lead singer Dan Reynolds was both fun and welcoming. The crowds cheered as Imagine Dragons performed 8 of their songs off of the Night Visions album; Four of the songs were from when the band first started off on their road to fame. Lead singer Dan Reynolds looked out to the crowd to see lights from cellphones wave as he sung a song commemorating a fan who died of cancer. With a giant moon to help light up the stage, different images appeared on the face as they tied in with every songs lyrics. Lights and effects on stage also helped to create an amazing performance as smoke rose when songs Hear Me and Nothing Left to Say came on. Instrumental changes helped the mood of the song as well as the atmosphere of the center. Performing on four different types of drums and three different electric guitars the changes in sound helped bring their music off the album to the center. Closing with one of their hit songs, Radioactive, Lights of red and yellow, smoke rising and the image in the moon of lava and fire ended the night with excitement. Like sung on the radio, Radioactive, consisted of energetic singing as well as an off record guitar solo performed by guitarist, Daniel Platzman. The band recently left America to go tour throughout parts of Europe and Mexico.