Mary Poppins Returns

Disney’s Banking On Nostalgia


Carlos Barrera, Reporter

Mary Poppins Returns is an interesting revival, bringing back everything there was to love about the original movie. The only downside to this is that there is not much else.

The movie is about the Banks family and the new Banks children, dealing with a possible foreclosure because of a loan. Mary Poppins comes in right on cue and teaches the children valuable lessons, as well as the now much older Banks children.

The acting is good, but as you will start to notice, is very typical and does not do anything to stand out. I believe Lin-Manuel Miranda tried too hard on a British accent making it unbelievable. I would like to say the children are the highlight of the movie, giving a performance that is far above the other actors in the movie, showing honest emotions and curiosity.

On the setting, the use of animation and real life intertwined was very well done, with it being colorful and playful without it feeling like the two mediums are separate parts. Reality as well feels nostalgic in a sense, but still a modern age that we can recognize. On the nostalgic note: that is the driving force of this movie; everything is meant to remind you of the old movie, following the same plot points.

So on a standalone level, Mary Poppins Returns is a very average movie with no special qualities. However, it is a very nostalgic movie that gives people a movie that they can now show their kids, just like when they saw the original as kids.

Mary Poppins Returns deserves an 8/10 for an overall good, but not standout, movie.