What to Know For “She Kills Monsters”

Arlie Munday, Staff Writer

On Nov 18th -Nov 20th, the Drama Program will be performing “She Kills Monsters,” a Dungeons and Dragons inspired play. There will also be other side events on certain days, such as D&D Night and Cosplay Night. Entry fees will cost $6 for students, and $9 for adults. Aside from the standard entry fee, concessions and raffles are also available for purchase.

The play is centered around Agnes (Played by Katherine Nguyen), as she discovers a D&D module that her late sister use to own. Agnes decides to play the game to get to know more about what her sister was like. 

“She’s learning about her sister, and learning about herself in the process, and kind of growing the relationship with her sister that she didn’t have while her sister was alive.” Ms. Cover-Tucci, drama teacher, said. 

D&D Night will occur on Nov. 19th , and guests should arrive at 5:30pm. Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop roleplay game where you pretend to be a character and go on a quest with your friends and fight monsters. Only a limited number of spots are available, about 40, but no extra fees are included to participate in the event. About 5 Dungeon Masters and tables will be set up, and each one will pick a module to play through. Character Sheets and dice will be provided by Dungeon Masters, but you can bring your own if you want.

Cosplay Night will happen on the 20th, so be sure to dress up as your favorite character. The person with the best cosplay will be named the winner right before the show.

A raffle will be held for the 5 dragon heads that are in the play. You can choose which color head you want, and the head can also turn into a mask . The raffle winners will be announced at the very end of the show on the 20th.

“This show is going to be really fun. There’s sword fighting, there’s battling dragons, and there’s stories of love and stories of loss. The show will make you laugh, and it will make you cry. I think everyone will be able to see themselves in the show somehow.” Ms. Cover-Tucci said.