A Blast To The Past: Avril Lavigne’s Love Sux Review


Leyla Morrison, Assistant Copy Editor

Release Date: February 25, 2022

Label: DTA and Elektra Records

Producers: John Feldmann, Mod Sun, Travis Barker

Genre: Pop-punk


Love Sux


After the backlash received from the Head Above Water album in 2019, Avril Lavigne went back to her roots and came out with a blast to the past in Love Sux.  This album had all the people who were wondering why Avril Lavigne was still in the music industry wanting to eat their words. Every song could be imagined in a different chick flick from the early 2000s. It’s a type of nostalgia that brings us back to the songs we used to sing in the shower when we were eight. 

Songs like “Cannonball” and “Bite Me,” who although have many crashes and flushes of instruments, feel like slowly getting ready on a summer morning trying to perfect a Hannah Montana-inspired outfit. “Avalanche” and “Dare to Love Me” are songs that invoke belting out feelings and singing in different harmonies with her. “All I Wanted” features Mark Hoppus, from Blink-182, and his voice adds a smooth contrast to hers. In “Love It When You Hate Me,” the bass in the back of the song creates upbeat fun energy which reflects the entire album. After listening to one song, starvation will occur, and the only way to satisfy that hunger is listening to more features, fast-paced singing, and crashing instruments from her album. 


Caution: listeners may experience the overwhelming need to wear low-rise jeans with converse, and violently part their hair to the side. 


Skip To: Cannonball, Bite Me, Love It When You Hate Me, All I Wanted, Dare to Love Me