Feeling Stressed? Try Fill the Fridge

Tay Hall, Staff Writer

Rating: ★★★★☆

Price: Free!

Available Platforms: Google Playstore and App Store


Fill the Fridge is a game for those who obsess over organization, it’s made to satisfy the mind with the sounds and sights of the fridge organized to the preference of the player. Fill the Fridge is very addictive and is a game that always relieves stress. The game is very simple to play, just open your phone and select the item in the grocery basket and fill up the fridge drawers to your liking.

The color scheme of the game is very easy on the eyes, it mainly consists of black, blue, white, and tan. Taking the time to read the reviews, most people say that they play the game when they have nothing to do and once they start playing they can’t stop playing the game. The only downfall to the game is that it freezes sometimes and has tons of ads. To remove the ads there is a fee of $1.99, but, paying the fee is worth it, as it makes the game a hundred times better. The graphics and the sound quality are amazing, the game is very clear and the sound for each object is different and is appealing to the ears and mind.