The Last of Us: Is it Worth Watching?


Tyler Jackson, Writer

HBO Max’s hit show “The Last of Us” has become one of the most-watched shows ever, even with only four episodes out so far. The show follows Joe Miller (Pedro Pascal) who lives in a zombie apocalypse as a scavenger. He eventually has to escort Ellie (Bella Ramsey) from Boston to Seattle because there is a chance that she is the cure to the zombie apocalypse.

Released on Jan. 15, the show has gotten a 9.3/10 rating on the IMDB website. It received a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. Episodes come out every Sunday.

 The show adapts from the PlayStation video game “The Last of Us Part 1 & 2”. The gaming community was very excited for this show which is why the show is trending on TikTok and other social media platforms. I personally loved the games. I have replayed the games over 20 times. The story and the combat is what made the game fun for me.

The designs for the show adds so much attention to the destroyed cities and how there are barely any humans that survived the apocalypse. The way they show the apocalypse has occurred for a long time makes the storytelling even better. Nature has taken over and animals are free and back in the wild again. They are showing a more detailed version of the story which makes it even better than the game.

The casting for the show is great. Having Pedro Pascal star as Joel Miller is a really great choice because he starred in the 2019 hit show “ The Mandalorian ” where he plays a similar role as Mando who has to protect a child and escort him across the galaxy. Adding Bella Ramsey as the co-star of the show was a great choice. She has performed well as Ellie so far and I have enjoyed watching her play as Ellie.

I have been a fan of Pedro Pascal for a while ever since I watched “The Mandalorian”. His acting in that show was phenomenal to me. Even though he wore a helmet the whole time, you could tell through his voice all the emotions he was feeling. That show is what made me look into Pedro Pascal and realize how much of an amazing actor he is. I think he is doing great as Joel Miller in “The Last of Us” his performance would be remembered for a long time.

Episode three  of the show got review-bombed, with over 30,500 viewers rating the episode one star. Viewers were leaving comments like “This is not appropriate” and “This is why we cannot have nice things.” This episode follows a fan favorite from the video game named Bill who was always prepared for an apocalypse to happen. This episode tells the story of how he met the love of his life in the apocalypse. Some viewers did not like the fact that Bill (actor) was gay and was married to a man named Frank (Murray Bartlett).

I personally love the show. I have been into The Last of Us franchise ever since I watched my brother play the first game when I was younger. The games always looked scary while watching but it was honestly pretty fun. I think the show is going great so far but it is up to you to decide, Is it worth watching?