Who Should Run Twitter Next


Exit Vernon

Browsing Twitter has become a favorite pastime for many, but what changes lie in wait?

Exit Vernon, Design Editor

On Oct. 27, 2022, it happened: Twitter got a new owner. This was the result of a lawsuit against Elon Musk forcing him to not back out of his deal. The deal has been followed by a list of questionable actions.

After his purchase of Twitter, which was previously owned mostly by investors, he not only fired half of the staff but also some top executives.

“Cutting jobs and doing layoffs, that’s what almost all businesses are having to do right now. Elon Musk and his big mouth makes it seem so bad. If Twitter is doing anything different than any of their competitors, it is talking so much about it” Mr. Andrew Carr, economics teacher, said.

There are many other opinions on why Musk is doing what he’s doing.

“He’s a control freak. He’s going to do what he has to do,” Jayden Turner (‘26) said.

Another one of his questionable actions was his way of deciding to step down as head of the app. On Dec. 18, 2022, Elon Musk posted a poll on his official Twitter account asking if he should “Step down as head of Twitter,” he followed this up by saying, in the same tweet, “I will abide by the results of the poll.” The poll ended with 57% voting yes and 43% voting no.

Upon seeing this poll, many wondered who could be the next CEO. Users have nominated many celebrities, saying they should be the next to run Twitter. Snoop Dogg put up a poll asking if he should run Twitter, of course most of the many polls like this resulted in fans voting yes. But the most notable response to Musk’s poll was Mr. Beast.

Do you think a celebrity can run Twitter?


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The beloved YouTube star, known for giving away money and starting charities, posted on Twitter “Can I be the next Twitter CEO?” Musk’s response, “It’s not out of the question,” kept twitter twittering.

But is a celebrity CEO a good idea?

“Mr. Beast is cool but I feel like it would be a little bit of a joke,” Abigail Wright (‘25) said.

But not just anyone could be up for the job. Many students had opinions on what someone should have in order to step up as head of Twitter.

“Actual qualifications, like knowing how to run a tech company, probably already having tech experience,” Ayozieuwa Ajeroh (‘23) said.

“Morals, if they’re responsible for the amount of stuff that’s on Twitter,” Olivia Kendrick (‘24) said.

Some users believe a celebrity wouldn’t be a great idea for the next CEO.

“There’s an interesting connection between celebrity status and business ownership, and that winds up being very political. Becoming a celebrity you become part of a political platform whether you want to or not, so being a celebrity and a business owner don’t mix well,” Mr. Carr said.