Sibling Riv​alry: Taylor Schaefer (’16) And Corey Schaefer (’13)

Maddie Scovell, Reporter

1. How did you get started playing baseball/softball?
C: I started to play little league and tee ball
T: I watched the games and then wanted to play

2. How long have you each played?
C: I have played for about 12 years.
T: About 9 years.

3. Do you think since the sports are so similar, it drives you guys to play better?
C: Yes because Taylor has watched me and wants to be on the team.
T: I want to be on varsity.

4. Who started playing baseball/softball first?
C & T: We both started at 6 years old.

5. Is it different having a sibling that plays a sport so similar to one another?
C: No it’s kinda cool.
T: It gives us something to talk about.

6. Is there ever a time where you guys butt heads over the sports?
C: Sometimes we kid around
T: Most of the time we root for each other.

7. Is there ever a time where you guys can help one another? Or help practice with each other?
C & T: Yes, we always go up to the field together and help each other out.

8. Do you guys both wish to play the sports in college? Or just for fun?
C: For me because of some injuries, it’s just for fun.
T: I want to see how well it goes in high school first.

9. Would you say that since you guys play similar sports, you guys would technically be each others “number one fans”?
C: Yes I could say that!
T: We always try to pick each other up.

10. Is there anything you would change about the other playing a similar sport?
C & T: Not really, we both enjoy it because it gives us a connection.