Something You Never Knew About: Kathleen Myers (‘15)

Jenna Smith, reporter

Kathleen Myers (‘15) was born without normal ligaments in her ankles. Myers has sprained both of her ankles many times. As they got worse and worse, she began going to physical therapy twice a week. “For a while I just couldn’t live with it anymore,” she said. Even with her injury she continued with her sports. Balancing Jv high school cheer and Irish dance with her injury she was forced to pick just one to relieve the stress on her ankles. Even though she had been dancing since she was a little girl, she decided that her commitment to the cheer competition team was more important at the time. Over the last couple of months her trips to physical have paid off. “I get special tape on my ankles until they are strong enough to stay in place on their own,” She said “I also have to get cortisone shots to make the pain go away.”