Athlete Spotlight: Colleen Weekman (’14)

Katie Bashista, Editor in Chief

Colleen Weekman (’14) is a forward on varsity field hockey. She’s been playing field hockey for six years and has played it for the school since freshmen year. As this season comes to an end she prepares for her last few games and reflects on the past few months of field hockey.

           “I think I did pretty well [this season]. My team did really good too. We really came together and used our individual skills as one.” She said.

The varsity field hockey team had a very successful season. Weekman and her team worked hard and won their district game on Tuesday moving them forward to play more games and eventually go to regionals.

“We’ve had a really good season.” She said. “The hardest part was probably the pre-season [training]. We had to run a lot. The best part about the season was winning a lot of our games.” She said.

               Winning games is obviously a great part about playing field hockey but to Weekman it means much more than that.

“My favorite part about field hockey is being able to exercise and being with my friends.” She said. “And just being able to play field hockey, I love it.”