Seniors Then And Now

Brenna Kiel, Reporter

Seniors share pictures of their transformations from freshman to senior year along with their best memories from their time at Colonial Forge.

Mckenzi Migliorini

Best High School Memory: “My favorite memory from high school would be from junior year. I applied to a program at the VMFA called Teen Stylin’. This program was in Richmond, and it allowed me to be saturated in something that I am passionate about. It was a fashion design program with the end goal of creating a final runway look that was classified as a wearable art piece. For my final look, I made my dress out of materials such as egg cartons, foam core, packing peanuts, and other unconventional materials. Being a part of this program has allowed me to be surrounded by peers who have the same interests as me. As I stood on that stage and saw my final piece walk, I knew I wanted to pursue fashion design as a career. It was a break through in finding myself and my purpose in life.”

Plans for After High School: “My plan after high school is to attend Philadelphia University and major in Fashion Design. My goal is to be a wpart of the fashion industry someday and change the world through my passion in some way.”

What She’ll Miss Most About High School: “The tight knit groups I have been apart of these four years. I will miss the little things that people did for me or the things that brought me joy in the hallway every day. I’ll miss the comfort of high school, but I have to say that I am beyond ready to spread my wings and start a new chapter in my life.”


Camille Downs

Best High School Memory: “My team and I winning the state championship game.”

Plans for After High School: “I will be playing college basketball at a Division 1 level at Coppin State University.”

What She’ll Miss Most From High School: “Nothing.”

Bailey Mcaleese

Best High School Memory: “My best memory is freshman year as a whole, whether it was meeting new friends or reconnecting with old ones; I was pretty happy. Although everyone is nervous, I found my classes to be pretty easy and made some pretty great friends in them. My orchestra teacher, Mr. Cauley, taught me to be confident and outgoing and to not be another shy kid, which paralleled my musical ability at the time. It was one of the few classes where I can say I actually looked forward to going to. The class, Chamber Sinfonia, was the highest one and there was only twelve of us in it, me and one other being the only freshman.

Plans for After High School: “I plan to either join the Marine Corps as an officer in cybersecurity or intelligence or to be a surgeon in the Army.”

What He’ll Miss Most From High School: “Most definitely the people and some of my favorite teachers. The people at Forge make it a great place.”

Kayla Cloyd

Best High School Memory: “Freshman year, I went to the school bonfire, and that was the first school event I really went to. I got to meet new people and drink hot chocolate and listen to great music.”

Plans for After High School: “My plans after high school are to go to college, but I’m undeclared on where I’m going.”

What She’ll Miss Most From High School: “I will miss the people that I’ve known since elementary and middle school.”