What A Life Saver

Savannah Mitchell, Reporter

From saving lives, to saving grades, Ms. Lisa Davis is able to bring real life experience into her classroom. Davis is starting her first year teaching ever at Colonial Forge teaching EMT; EMT stands for emergency medical technician. Commuting all the way from Fauquier County, Davis doesn’t just make a difference at school, but at multiple stops along the way.

I am a life member of my volunteer fire company and still actively volunteer as a Firefighter/Paramedic,” Davis said. “I work part time for the regional EMS council, the Office of EMS, and Mary Washington Hospital.”

Firefighting has played a huge role in Davis’ life. It has always been who she is, and inspired her  throughout life. However, after some thought and discussion with her family and some personal things that are going on, Davis decided it was time to try something new.

“The prior instructor here was a friend of mine, and when she found out she was moving, she approached me about the position,” Davis said. “ I was hesitant at first–I wasn’t ready to leave the fire department.”

It was hard for Davis to see herself doing anything else beside firefighting. However, she did plan after firefighting to become a teacher, but the opportunity came a lot quicker then she expected. Not only is she helping students’ education, but her own. Davis is currently in graduate school and will be graduating in April. To help herself and others manage stress, she finds ways to reach out in her community even more.

“My dog, Blue, is a therapy dog, and we are members of the regional Critical Incident Stress Management Team,” Davis said.

For Davis, it’s all about balance in life. She’s always serving her community, but still kicks back to watch her favorite hometown sports teams, and shows.

“I love baseball–I have season tickets to the Washington Nationals,” Davis said. “Also funny shows like the Big Bang Theory, and of course Nationals Baseball and Penguins Hockey”

Everyday she makes in a difference in and outside of the classroom, impacting others. By being an EMT teacher she will be able to help put more good people in the community like her.