Alex Pawlica On His Shrek Audition

Anne Johnakin, Reporter

No matter which way you spin it, auditioning for anything is scary, especially when singing is involved. Recently, auditions and callbacks for the school musical, Shrek, took place, leaving students with either success or horror stories.

Alex Pawlica (‘20) is one of the many students who auditioned, and unfortunately it didn’t go great for him.

He’s always been a casual observer of the theatre world, and enjoys going to other high school productions and Riverside Theater. This year, he decided he wanted to take a more active role.

“I wanted to be a little more outgoing. I mean, I always been interested in auditioning and I’ve always liked theater but I wasn’t always one to be outgoing and actually try to be a part of it,” Pawlica said.

His dream role in the production would have to be Shrek.

“Despite the fact that it’s a meme, I really like the movie. I think it has a sweet message,” Pawlica said.

Armed with experience of an elementary school theatre camp, minimal practice of his audition song, and a stuffy nose, Pawlica went into the audition.

“It was like my whole mind just went blank,” Pawlica said,  “There was a really serious atmosphere in there so I tried to lighten it with a joke, but I realized it was not the time after Mrs. Hansen looked at me really seriously. I was like ok never mind.”

Pawlica describes the singing audition as going terribly. He sang “Don’t Let Me Go”, which is sung by Donkey in the musical.

“My voice started cracking terribly and I said more than once ‘I’m sorry. I can’t do this’ and was getting ready to leave. The whole thing was just a disaster,” Pawlica said.

The dancing portion of the audition went a little smoother, although some parts weren’t perfect.

“I normally have trouble with dancing but the steps were pretty straightforward,” Pawlica said, “There was one part that was pretty hard and that was lifting your partner on your back. It was really difficult and clunky.”

Although Pawlica didn’t get a callback, and ultimately didn’t make it into the musical, he still learned some valuable lessons.

“I learned to practice more and I learned that even though I didn’t get called back I’m still glad I did it because it’s a step in the right direction.”