Walking On Motivation

Ernesto Bowen, Sports Reporter

Being a division-1 walk on for most people is a accomplishment for most its a time to be happy and a time to feel as if you have achieved your goal but not for Leroy Thomas the two words “walk on” just makes Thomas work even harder.

The stand out senior tackle said, “being a walk on isn’t a bad thing. I am beyond blessed to have the opportunity to be able to play at the division-1 level but this isn’t the end. I am not done. Being a college athlete was only part of the plan going pro and proving to all these other high ranked athletes is the other part.”

Leroy Thomas was given a work out not to soon after signing to Old Dominion and has been following the work out every since and has been seeing a lot of improvement.

“The list they sent wasn’t to crazy but I am seeing some improvement in conditioning and lifting. I have also added on to it doing a lot of footwork drills. Adding on to all that have been watching film from my senior year to see what I can improve on,” Thomas said.

Thomas will be enrolling this fall and looking to make statement and impact day one.

“I’m actually very excited to be apart of the program again walking on is never bad. I’m blessed but very motivated to show I’m more than just a walk on and blessed to say I am a Monarch.”

Leroy will have all of Forge behind him on this.