The Week of Movies!(sorta)


Carlos Barrera, Reporter

Hello, readers of the Talon, I hope you all had a good winter break. I spent break back home in NYC, where I immersed myself in movies. This is what created The Week of Movies, where I’ll be spending each day reviewing one of the movies I watched.

Today, I’m ranking the movies in order and by what score I am giving them beforehand, with detailed reviews following later in the week.. 

  1. Mary Poppins Returns 8/10

A refreshing revival of a classic movie, reminding you of all the reasons why you loved Mary Poppins. However, it does this by playing it safe, with a formulaic plot that does not add new elements.

  1. Ralph Breaks The Internet 7/10

A colorful film that is equally fun and nice to look at, albeit with menial substories and subpar characters.

  1. Aquaman 5/10

A drawn out movie, its only saving grace is just how beautiful it looks. Jason Momoa is a good actor with a habit of being in not the best movies (ex. The Bad Batch).

I hope you all enjoy the in-depth reviews in coming days.