Substitute Workshop For Furloughed Government Workers And The Community On Tuesday, January 22

Connor Merk, Editor

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The Stafford County Schools Department of Human Resources will be hosting a pop up substitute workshop this Tuesday, January 22. This event is occurring because they are giving this opportunity to all citizens, but also to government employees who have been furloughed due to the government shutdown.

The Director of Human Resources Lisa Boatwright says the idea for the event was a collaborative effort.

Last week, Fairfax Public Schools had a substitute workshop specifically targeting furloughed federal workers. Stafford Schools has an ongoing need for substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, and nurses,” Boatwright said. “Having the pop up workshop allows us to meet our needs as a school division and provide an opportunity for furloughed workers to earn money for their families while giving back to their community.”

The training will last two hours and will include going over policies and procedures, pay, how to use the automated sub calling systems, and expectations and practical information.

To be eligible to begin working as a substitute, the individual must have a completed application, a satisfactory background check, and workshop attendance,

“As soon as all those components are complete, the individual can begin work. For example, if the individual comes to the workshop on Tuesday with a completed application and does the background check on Tuesday, he/she would be ready to work a few days afterwards,” Boatwright said. “Our office does need a couple of days to process the paperwork. We will try our best to expedite the process given the circumstances.”

The workshop is this upcoming Tuesday from 10:00 am to noon at 31 Stafford Avenue, Stafford VA. The workshop is open to anyone 18 and older with a high school diploma. Substitutes are needed for teachers, paraprofessionals, and nurses.

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Stafford County Schools released a statement saying: Due to an overwhelming response, Stafford County Public Schools has added an additional Substitute Workshop today from 1-3 p.m.

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