Orchestra Class Trip to New York City

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Ha
Haley-Anne Smalls (’20), Ashley Ha (’20), and Natally Bisco (’19) in New York City.

Anne Johnakin, Editor

The orchestra took a class trip to New York City on March 1 through 3. While there they had a workshop with Broadway musicians, went to see Phantom of The Opera, and explored New York.

On the first day, the groups explored Times Square then went to dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. The evening closed out with them hopping out on the bus to ride to their hotel in New Jersey.

“My favorite part was when we had time to walk around Times Square. There were a bunch of malls and go shopping and take pictures,” Ashley Ha (‘20) said.

The second day was going to the museum of natural history and walking around central park. They closed out the night with New York style pizza and going to see Phantom of the Opera.

“We went to central park, where we spent hours and hours. It was actually a little too long. We walked like 10 miles and Mrs. Tripp kept wanting to take detours. Then, we had a snowball fight, which was fun,” Kiara Madeam (‘19) said.

The next day, they went to the workshop with Broadcast musicians, and learned about how they became professional musicians. They emphasized the importance of networking and establishing connections within the industry.

“We met a broadway conductor and an oboe player. They both really inspired me to start practicing more and maybe even go on Broadway one day. They just shared their story and it was just so cool to see how they transformed,” Ashley said.