Boys Varsity Soccer Has Team Spirit


Captain Harrison Schwab (11).

Brianan Chubb, Reporter

“Do it for yourself and not for anyone else” said Coach Spinelli.


Starting out the soccer season, our varsity boys soccer team has a spirited attitude. 


“We all go to the locker room and play music and just chill and get ready for the game” said Jack Lausten(21).


The already close team gets closer and closer as the season goes on.


“During the season we do team dinners so it’s like a bonding experience” said Harrison Schwab(20).


Even though some people on the team are closer than others, everyone gets along. This is what Piero Alva(21) appreciates most about the team, stating: he “Likes the people on the team” and that  “Everyone is honest and nice.”


Making varsity Alva’s freshmen year (17-18) made it clear that he was also going to make varsity this year too, but now knowing that his actions can rub off on others he pushes himself to do well.


“Freshman year I was very nervous, I didn’t know I would make varsity and I had to push myself a lot more.” said Alva(21). “This year I knew I was going to make varsity so I didn’t try as hard, but now that I’m on varsity I have to kind of teach the new guys the ways.”


Being close with your teammates isn’t only good for having friends, it’s also good because it can have an affect on how you play the game.


“I guess since I’ve known some of the guys on the team for a few years now, we kind of have this natural chemistry in a sense where we are always on the same page, and most of our decisions kind of just click and it all just flows better” said Yussef Ait-Bella(19)