Random Acts of Kindness Club

Sophia Penton, Assistant Editor

On Thursday September 23rd, the Random Acts of Kindness Club posted sticky notes with kind messages on the lockers around the hallways. 

The Random Acts of Kindness Club is a new club that was established just this school year, with the mission of spreading acts of kindness through the school and community. This past week the club sought to work towards their mission through posting kind and encouraging notes around our school. 

“Everyone could use a bit more kindness and motivation; this year is different for everyone and it isn’t easy,” says Bryn Gallen (’22), president of the RAK Club, “We want to make the school brighter.”

Hundreds of students walk through the hallways each day, going from class to class. These students usually have a lot on their plate, and the goal of these notes was to help alleviate some stress and improve moods in the hallways.  

“All of the sticky notes were really nice,” says Briana Benitez-Mejia (’22). “It was sweet and heartwarming to see them on my way to class.”

If you are interested in joining the club or learning more about it, you can contact the RAK Club’s president, Bryn Gallen, through her email: [email protected]