Colonial Forge Ice Hockey Club

Jenna Smith, reporter

For a couple years now, the students of Colonial Forge have been discussing ideas to start a hockey club. The idea is continually being brought up by ice hockey players as well as students to start Forge’s own Ice Hockey Club.

The Northern Virginia Scholastic Hockey League (NVHSL) has a high school division.  The league allows players from two high schools to combine to make one team.  Currently, players from North Stafford and Colonial Forge make up NVHSL’s North Stafford Hockey team.  These teams are not sponsored or supported by either school’s athletic department.  North Stafford High School has an Ice Hockey Club. Although if the club gets approved , it will not be a part of Eagle athletics, it will just be a part of Colonial Forge’s many club programs.

“I am trying to get this club approved this as a senior because I am proud to be a part of the Colonial Forge /North Stafford team and I would be proud to be a part of the Forge club.” Says Ian Hayes (‘13).
Bradley Smith (‘13) says. “We will still be playing for North Stafford’s actual team but, if the club idea gets approved, we will have our own club and our own meetings.” If Forge approved the club, it would bring diversity to the school and to the county.  Many students and players would like to see the club get approved this year because not many people in Virginia know a lot about hockey and the goal of the club is to get people more interested in Hockey.

Mrs. Gardener, the EMT teacher at Forge, is currently helping Smith and Hayes get the club passed. “It benefits Forge by teaching people that don’t know a lot about hockey, but are interested in it that come to the meetings.  It teaches them about the rules of the game, how to play, and what is currently going on in the NHL,” Bradley says. Both Bradley and Ian are seniors.  If the club doesn’t get approved this year they will encourage the underclassmen that play on the team to pursue passing the club.

“I do not feel like there is a high demand for hockey in the area and that is why we are struggling to get the club approved however, I feel like the club and the publicity of the club will get many people at Forge interested and that is our goal for the club.” Ian says.

Smith said “People who are interested in attending the club meeting will learn a lot about the game of hockey. The people that attend the meeting will not be playing on the ice. The club will meet twice a month to talk and learn about the rules of hockey, events in the NHL and the NHL lockout.” People interested in playing as a part of the team, a completed NVSHL registration form is required before November 1st. You will watch videos and discuss highlights of last season as well as the current season when it begins.

If you are interested in attending the games or joining the Colonial Forge/ North Stafford hockey team, practices will be held at the Prince William ice park in Woodbridge. The game schedule and statistics of the game will be posted on the NVSHL website when the season begins.