Unstopa13le vs O13EY

Chris Morehead, Reporter

The class of 2013 has prepared to make the school year as spirited as possible, representing Forge’s new senior hoodies and t-shirts that say “Unstoppa13le.” However, some seniors have created their own senior apparel ideas and plan on representing it along with the original designs.

The designs for the student-made apparel were released on Twitter from seniors like Brittany Bogier (‘13), who caught many students eyes like Sydney Arnold (’13) who favorites the “13oss” quote.

“I feel like every school is using that idea because it is popular, I also think the idea sounds better than obey or unstoppable, [I would wear the “13oss” slogan] because it would be nice to have something other than the normal senior apparel,” said Arnold.
A few other seniors have created shirts that say ‘13ow down’, ‘13oss’, and ‘o13ey’ and plan on using this designs the week of homecoming, during the different spirit days, throughout the prep rally, and at the homecoming game.

“A lot of people want a different slogan, and the rumors why were not allowed to have those slogans are ridiculous such as discrimination and we love ‘13oss’, and ‘o13ey’, and it won’t affect the other apparel cause people will still buy the original, like me” Brittany says.“It was said from the beginning when we had our proofs that we were not allowed to use o13ey, because of the negative connotations and it is not. If seniors want to sell their own designs there nothing we can really do to stop them, unless it violates the dress code.” Said Mrs. Hollar, the business teacher and senior advisor.
When asked how he felt about these different designs of apparel Marcus Johnson (‘13), remains neutral or somewhat expresses disapproval of both ideas because it is  the last year and he wants to go with the flow of things without any complications or drama.

“The ideas are pretty cool, but if you ask me I don’t think a word/slogan can describe our graduating class. The new designs just do not seem as imaginative to me, also it does not stand out to me when I see it.” Johnson said.
Whether or not you like the student designed senior apparel or the original, years from now we can look back on the feuding senior topics which made the apparel of the senior class of 2013 memorable.