WHO Wants To Race?

Grace Mamon, Managing Editor

The best part about races for charity is undoubtedly the cause. And for many, the worst part is undoubtedly the running. Things like scheduling, venue, or commonly just motivation are often reasons that people do not register for races. But a new trend, virtual racing, can eliminate these issues, leading to higher racer turnout and increased donations.

April, also Autism Awareness Month, is the perfect time to try virtual racing for the first time. Or, if you’re already familiar, it’s the perfect time to register for WHO’s Autism Awareness race. Playfully titled ‘WHO’s Ready to Race?’ this virtual run costs only $17 to register, and a minimum of 15% of proceeds will go towards Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism Inc.

Virtual races are unique in that the course, date, and time are scheduled solely by the runner. Participants can run outdoors, indoors, on a treadmill, by themselves, with a partner, or however they please. Thanks to the flexible nature of virtual racing, runs for autism awareness can be completed anytime throughout the month of April and after registering, participants will be sent a medal and are able to order a t-shirt.

Try out virtual running and support autism awareness simultaneously by participating in WHO’s second annual race for Autism Awareness month.