All-County Orchestra’s Concert Moves Up To Tonight As Snow Cancels Most Weekend Activities

Carlos Barrera, Reporter

As a result of the expected snow this weekend, the All-County Orchestra event has been moved from January 12, 2019 to tonight at 6:30 P.M. This sudden change leaves the orchestra in a hurry to prepare, as today is their first time all meeting together for practice. Their responses range from panic, to anger, to acceptance.

“They are going the play all the music,” says Ms. Deborah Tripp, Orchestra teacher. “The tempos are not going to be quite up to speed, but they will have a good performance and do what they can with what they’ve got.”

Some of the members of the All-County Orchestra, which is made of of students from all the high schools in the county, scrambled to change scheduled plans for Friday evening to accommodate the concert. Others sounded a little rattled about the lost preparation time.

“We have had probably about a month to practice, but this is our first time to practice as a whole group,” Ben Motta (’20) said.