Brace yourselves, yearbooks are coming.


Emily Imes, Reporter

It’s that time of the year again! The yearbooks will be here soon. If you have any questions, here’s where you find the answers!


Q: What if I already bought a book?

A: On distribution day, May 21st, the staff will have a table set up in front of the auditorium during lunch. Listen for the music! They will have lines split up by last name, so find yours and grab a book!


Q: How long will the tables be there?

A: May 21-24!


Q: If I haven’t purchased, can I still?

A: Yes! They are $80, cash or check, and you can make checks payable to CFHS! We will still be taking pre-orders until May 16th in school and online at, and after that, you can start purchasing again May 21st.


Q: Where do I bring the money?

A: Money will be accepted in room 301 or in the front office. After May 24th, you can pick books up in the office.


Q: What if I don’t remember if I bought one, or think I did but I’m not sure?

A: We have records, so you can come to 301 and check with us!


Q: What if I want extras or a name plate?

A: Those are all part of pre-order, so it is too late to do that.


Q: How long did it take to make it?

A: The staff of 25 worked from July 16th to April 24th.