Emergency vehicles visit Colonial Forge


T. Kopcak

PHI Air Medial helicopter lands in the bus loop

Will Hagaman, Editor in Chief

A few minutes after 12:30 on Aug. 31, instead of a large yellow bus arriving on the bus loop, a yellow EMS helicopter landed instead. This was a part of the Emergency Medical Technician I, II and III training class, where students learn how to handle these vehicles and get hands-on practice with the tools they would need to use.

“This is the same EMT certification process that any EMT goes through–it isn’t watered down for high school. The expectations are high and the consequences are real. It is important for the students to meet professionals and personnel in the field and interact with the equipment and apparatus as soon as possible”  EMT instructor, Lisa Davis, said.

With the third and fourth block secured for this event, and the help of Stafford County Fire and Rescue and Air Care the EMT classes learned all they could about these emergency response vehicles, with the main vehicles, including an ambulance, a tower ladder truck, and a medical helicopter.

“They taught us everything about the vehicles and how to operate them. I think most of the class enjoyed learning about the helicopter. Something that I learned about the helicopter is that it is very compact, you can barely fit in there and can barely fit a patient and all the medical equipment, it is all very compact in there” stated Benjamin Muise (‘22).