Fall Chorus Concert

Leyla Morrison, Assistant Copy Editor

On October 5th, 2021 at Colonial Forge High School, the choir ensembles will be hosting their outdoor fall concert for all to come out and watch their performances.

With the strike of COVID-19, many things were at a halt, and one of those things were the chorus concerts. Missing a year of performances, Ms. Barbara Perry and the choir classes worked vigorously this fall in order to put a show together.

“Colonial Forge has been known to have really great performances for twenty years, but we lost that during the pandemic, so this year is the rebuilding of the Forge choir legacy,” Karsyn Vargo (’22) said.

Rebuilding the legacy is not only in the performances, it is also in the funding for the program. Over quarantine, they didn’t have their normal fundraisers, so they were financially lower than normal. In order to help that, this concert is a fundraiser for the program.

“The tickets for the concert are sold online for $19. Ten are for admission and the other nine is for Mission BBQ food boxes. However, there are options on the website to purchase just the admission ticket and not the food. The money will go towards the program to help us make even better shows in the future,” Vargo said.

Go online to gofan.co to order your tickets to enjoy an outdoor performance of excellence and hard work from the chorus department.