Gas App Fuels Social Interaction

New social media app that helps teens make connections becomes a brief fall trend.

Alisson Reyes Urias and Lucas Mora

At the beginning of November, many Stafford county students decided to participate in an app called “Gas” which reached number 3 in Apple’s App Store for free apps in the category Lifestyle. The app was created by a development company called “Find Your Crush

When creating an account for the app, you can type in your school district and school name. By choosing these options, you are able to friend people in your school of any grade. While this app only shows your first name and last name, it also gives you a series of twelve questions or statements you have to answer like “on their game like the kid who mowed the White House Lawn,” “sassy yet classy,” “you actually miss them a ton,” or “I know it’s early but…will you be my valentine?”

“Gas is a fun app where you can add your friends and answer some dumb questions,” Brianna Manzano (‘26) said.

Using the app, you can not only add your friends but also add other people in any grade at the school. You can also add people from different schools, so if you have friends at North Stafford, Mountain View, Brook Point, or any other school in the country or county, you can also add them on this app.

“I got one that said I was the best kisser. Still surprised but I’m still wondering who said that.” Reagan O’Donnell (‘26) stated.

Gas presents the user with a positive and sometimes outlandish, sentence that the user must match to four randomly selected people. These sentences can range from “Cares about the planet,” to “Too fine it hurts.” The app also shows you the questions people have picked your name for. 

“It helped with my confidence and how others view me and helped me have better relationships with my friends.” Bre Kingham (‘26) said.

After wholly answering the poll, the user is rewarded with 10 coins. With these coins, users can buy things in the shop, such as getting their name on three random polls for 100 coins or you can put their name in your crush’s poll for 300 coins.

However, the name of the person who picked you remains anonymous. There is an in-app purchase where a user can pay the app $6.99 a week to get unlimited hints, double coins, send anonymous polls, and reveal two names a week.

Users can also invite friends with a link. If a user invites someone they can get a free hint to see who chose their name for a poll. You can also skip the wait of new polls if you invite a friend.