Why is Disney Suing Ron DeSantis


Creative Commons photo of Ron DeSantis

Seamus McPherson, Staff Writer

Disney has filed a lawsuit against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over the takeover of one of the theme parks districts. Claiming this action was a violation of their constitutional rights and a “targeted political campaign.” 

DeSantis and Disney have been at each other for a little over a year now starting with Disney speaking out against Desantis “Don’t Say Gay” law mentioning LGBTQ rights, education, and more. 

As a result of speaking out, DeSantis decided to take over Disney’s self-governing district and put a board of supervisors in place who would look over the famous park. Before the new board took over Disney came through with a deal to keep majority power. 

This battle of power has continued on for weeks with DeSantis’s board trying to limit what posters Disney can display in the park. This boiled up to the official lawsuit filed Wednesday. 

The Disney lawsuit has asked a federal judge to remove Ron DeSantis’s takeover of the theme parks district, also trying to remove the actions DeSantis’s boards have taken on the park for the short time they have been in power. 

This lawsuit appears to be the next step in the long battle between Disney and DeSantis as he continues what he claims to be a war on “wokeness” in a final standoff with the massive company.