Promposals are Stupid


Seamus McPherson

Staff Member, Seamus McPherson, Holds Up A Classic Promposal Paper

Seamus McPherson, Staff Writer

Promposals are stupid. 

Promposals have gained popularity throughout the 2000s for the outlandish things high schoolers would do to ask others to prom. For most of the Promposals, the person being asked to prom has already said “Yes” days, weeks, or months before prom. The whole trend is just to get attention from classmates and friends, and maybe even a viral online video. Some students will spend a ridiculous amount of money or time just to ask someone to a dance that you, and you may only look back on that prom night a couple of times in your life. 

A problem that Promposals have caused is the turnaround rate of couples that attend prom. A lot of people attending will break up with each other the next day after they find out the other person just wanted free tickets, a video, and you each were cheating with the other friend. All of this results in more drama in the dance, that could have been avoided. 

If you are going to do a promposal keep it simple. Get out a sign write something corny and maybe buy some flowers this is the extent that promposals should go. Don’t take it as an opportunity to display all of your creativity and put in as much effort as people would do for an actual proposal. 

The biggest problem I see with Promposals is the money that is involved with them. A study was done and found out that the average cost of a promposal in the United States is $324. This does not include everything else associated with prom, such as: hair, food, clothes, etc. Adding all of those expenses, you get to an average of $919. All just for one dance. 

There also is a standard that even if it is already known that you are going to prom with someone, your significant other will be expecting a promposal. I have seen relationships end, or even become toxic because the other person didn’t do a promposal. It has become a standard for asking someone to a prom that cost a lot of money, or is the same idea from every other year. 

In all honesty, prom should not be elevated to the heights that it is at right now. People can spend months planning it out to try and make it as perfect as possible, all just for one night with the likelihood of many couples breaking up the following day.