Best of Boba

A review on the BumbleBee Tea shop at downtown Fredericksburg.

Shelby Jaunal, Online Editor

Your BeReal goes off, your Instagram feed is looking boring, or you are tired of the neutral backgrounds in all your pictures, drive down to the bright yellow door in Fredericksburg. 

Downtown, a  little hidden away, is an adorable bumble bee-themed cafe on Princess Anne Street. Connected to a Mian Noodle House, a place to get delicious noodles, upstairs is the place to grab a refreshing drink. 

The drinks are far from limited. Beverages range from a bunch of different flavors and temperatures, you can also add popping pearls, boba, whipped cream, and more. 

If you were like me and never had boba tea before, it can be pretty intimidating looking at a wide range menu and not knowing what to order. So I am here to help.

Specifically to BumbleBee’s menu and boba tea, you start off with your choice of tea. You can get milk tea, regular tea, and even cheese top tea. My first question when I walked in was, “What is a cheese top? And why are we putting it in tea?” But a cheese top is not that uncommon; it’s a thicker layer of creamy cheese that goes on top of your drink to add a salty pairing with a sweet drink. 

The teas lean towards fruity flavors, including pineapple, strawberry, mango, and more. Milk tea also adds a more creamy flavor compared to plain tea. 

Once you’ve selected your choice of tea, you then select your boba, a small pearl-like substance that you add to your tea to add some texture to your drink. Boba pearls are made out of tapioca and are quite chewy and not all that sweet. When drinking a really sweet tea, I find this adds a nice balance.

If you are not a fan of chewing while drinking, there are also popping pearls you can add, that have the same appeal as boba. The popping pearls offer a much sweeter flavor and are far from chewy. The pearls consist of a very thin layer that is easily popped, with a very sweet juice inside. Popping pearls are also smaller than tapioca boba. 

The last decision you have to make is what level of sweetness you want, which I find very thoughtful for those that do not enjoy overly sweet drinks. BumbleBee is also inclusive in the fact that they have vegan, dairy-free options, and other beverages, like coffee, for those that are not a fan of tea. Even if you are not in the mood for a drink, this shop has adorable pastries to grab. 

Another aspect of this cafe I enjoyed is that there is an option to order on an electronic device, rather than with a worker, which leaves a little more time to panic about what combination of drinks to get. 

Overall, BumbleBee Tea was a super cute cafe, with an adorable bee theme, and a super fun place to go with friends or family downtown.

No matter where you are upstairs, every corner has flowers and plants or dim lighting perfect for photos. The bright yellow walls and comfy seats make everything and everyone look adorable the moment they walk in. 

The quiet area and bright happy colors make it the perfect peaceful place to enjoy your day with a yummy drink in hand.