Giving Back

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) encourages students to donate to the Mary Washington Healthcare worker drive due to extreme burnout.


Shelby Jaunal, Staff Writer

Health care workers put themselves in danger for the well being of others. Nurses, doctors, EMT’s, and others expose themselves to diseases daily. In order to stay safe, the CDC recommends workers get vaccinated, wear a mask, gown, gloves, and sanitize often. While this protects them from COVID-19, it does not protect them from burnout.

Ms. Clinger and her Health Occupations Students of America students have put together a drive, where students can donate to the health care workers. The items have been taken off of the Mary Washington website, you can find more information on how to donate and deliver. There is also a sign-up genius created by Clinger and HOSA if you are interested in donating.

“There’s a lot of burnout right now just because the hours are long as a health care worker and you do deal with death, dying and grief all the time. It’s just been a lot more throughout COVID.” Clinger said. 

During the first wave of the U.S. pandemic, nearly 3,600 medical workers passed away. 55% of Health care workers have reported extreme burnout and exhaustion and 75% of the workers stated that the global pandemic negatively impacted their well being. Nurses have been working overtime, turning their usual 8 hour shift into a 12 hour long work day multiple times throughout the week, leaving them with no time to take care of themselves or their loved ones. 

Health care workers need more appreciation for all that they have done for us throughout the pandemic, donations will be accepted up until April 1st. If you want to donate through Mary Washington instead of the school, you can donate online, through mail, drop box, or through a phone call.