2022-2023 Bell Schedule


Shelby Jaunal, Staff Writer

The School Board disposed of many families’ fears when they learned Stafford County Public Schools would be reopening for five days a week on August 12th, 2021. Nerves were struck again when the bell schedule was changed. It was divided into three shifts.

 Elementary School’s schedule is 7:40am-1:40pm, Middle School’s schedule is 8:55-2:55, and High School’s shift, coming last, is 9:35am-3:35pm. Leaving High Schoolers with no time on their hands. The original plan was to help students get more sleep, but that soon failed when they began staying up late to finish school work, and do things they did not have time for during the day. 

The horrid bus disaster this year left busy high schoolers with even less time on their hands. 

There are some pros and cons for all groups. I think the number one impact that the superintendent is trying to avoid is to make sure that everyone gets to school on time compared to this past year,” said Mr. Daniel, “So with the proposal of having high school first, middle school second, elementary third to ensure that we are most efficient and getting students to school and home on time.”

The school board was ready to decide the new bell schedule on March 8th. The elementary teachers were livid, yet no parents and students seemed to really care. It seems that the teachers just wanted the bell schedule to benefit them, and not the students. Meanwhile, high school students, parents, and staff all came to explain their opinions and their struggles. The school board then decided to change the decision day to March 22nd. 

The final decision was made, making middle school start the latest. For the 2022-2023 school year, days will be 6.5 hours long. The times are now 7:20am-2pm for high school, the phoenix center, and RockyHill elementary school. The rest of the elementary schools will be 8:30am-3pm, and middle school will be 9:30am-4pm. Middle school will get out even later than high school did this current year. 

Besides the time changing, there have also been thoughts of skinny days and an hour long lunch to help the students. With an hour lunch during school, students can eat, study, go to tutoring, get their homework done, all during school. It gives students just a bit more free time and could possibly take some stress off our shoulders. 

A skinny day would be once a week where students see all their teachers in one day. Who knows what the new schedule will bring, but it seems to be getting better for us High Schoolers.