Boys Basketball Game December 17th

The boys varsity basketball team hosted Forest Park on Tuesday, December 17th. It was the boy’s second game of the year, the prior one being against Stafford High School, a game they won by ten points.

Gary Jennings (‘15) scored the first basket of the game for two points. Forge started off with an early lead, but player number 24 for Forest Park came back with a dunk. Shortly after however, Winston Burgess (‘15) stole the ball and also dunked. The first period ended 11-4 with Forge on top.

To start off the second half, Marco Haskins (‘15) scored a three-pointer. As Forest Park continued to trail behind the Eagles, Jaylen Franklin (‘15) scored yet another three-pointer. As the game progressed, Forge pulled ahead of Forest Park and ended the half with a score of 23-10.

The first score of the second half went to a player on Forest Park’s team for two. Colonial Forge began to struggle with fouls, having six with 2:12 left in the third period, while Forest Park had none. Despite these setbacks, Eagles still were ahead with a score of 37-20 at the end of the third period.

Forge dominated the fourth period, scoring 19 points with Forest Park only scoring eight. The game ended with a score of 56-28, giving Forge their second win of the season and a great start to the year.