Girls Varsity Basketball Is On The Road to Regionals

Andrea Grubb, Reporter

On February 13th, the Girls Varsity Basketball team competed in the District Championship against Brooke Point, who lost in early December 56-52 against the Girls Varsity Basketball Team. The Girls won Districts 59-54, and also clinched their 10th straight victory over Brooke Point. This win also gave them their 4th consecutive District Championship win.

The Girls Varsity Basketball team securing the District Championship and finishing the regular season 12-0, are now preparing for the first round of regional competition which is taking place next Monday. Over the season the girls have become good friends on and off the court.

“By being friends, during the game it definitely helps because, it lets us to know how everybody plays and what they’re good at so that we can set them up for success, especially on the court,” Rachel Jones (‘18) said.

To prepare for regionals, the Girls are conditioning more and making sure that everyone knows the plays from every position. Mentally they are keeping their confidence up positive that another win is coming their way.