Forge Swim Back in Action

Patrick Strong, Editor

The Varsity Swim team officially returned to the pool last Friday at the Jeff Rouse Center. The Eagles took on rival Stafford High in the second official meet of the 2018-19 season. The Girls team came away with a 160-126 win while the Boys fell to the Indians 168-118.

Following a successful inter-district meet prior to break as well as a county-wide scrimmage between each of the area schools, the Eagles were excited and ready to get back to work following the New Year.

The scrimmage, which occurred prior to break, wound up playing a key role in preparing the team for their match-up with the Indians. The Eagles needed to get a sense of what they were going up against considering that the two rivals hadn’t matched up in a head-to-head meet in quite some time.

When the two were scheduled to face off last season, the meet wound up being postponed and later cancelled. There was no doubt that both schools were chomping at the bit to get back in the water and go at each other. The atmosphere inside of the Rouse Center was further intensified by the raucous crowd as well as the back and forth chanting between the teams.

The Eagles took the match-up as an opportunity to grow. A relatively young team, they will look to continue and develop as the season moves forward and heads towards the postseason.