Girls Varsity Soccer Team Wins Against MVHS in Years

Brianan Chubb, Reporter

For the first time in many years the girls’ varsity soccer team won against Mountain View High School on March 14. The final score of the game was 0-0. The girls won 4-2 in penalty kicks after the games regulation time was over.

“Our girl made the kick and so we all rushed to her and we were all so excited, yelling and screaming. It probably looked pretty distasteful but we were so excited we didn’t care,” said Brenna Kiel(19), “ But there was a moment when the ref tried to call it back and say ‘oh no Mountain View has another kick, like you haven’t won yet,’ but then we realized he had gotten it wrong.”

Moving into their regular season, the team won their first game 4-0 against Stonewall Jackson High School on March 18. They play their next game Friday, March 22.