How High School Athletes Are Handling New Challenges

Caroline Saunders, Staff Writer

Fall sports start practice at 6:30 a.m. and go until 8 a.m. because they keep getting black flagged, which means the practices are canceled and postponed until further notice. 

Freshman cross country runner, Kelly Gady explained, “I liked morning practice because I had my afternoons free to do homework and hang out, but I didn’t like waking up so early, and I got to see my friends before school and start the day knowing I had already worked out.”

Morning practices had some bumps, but the overall outcome was positive.  “I’m okay with it because our team needs the work and it gives us more time after school to do things,” senior running back, Khalis Garrett Bey said.

The locker rooms were a big concern for a lot of parents and students because of COVID-19, but the school made sure everyone stays safe. “In the locker rooms, everyone wears their mask and we try to social distance as best as we can,” said Kelly Gady (‘24). The school made sure they would stay six feet apart and also wear their masks while in the locker rooms.

Even when the student-athletes are on the field they try to keep their space for safety reasons. “We stayed six feet apart when we aren’t on the field, but when we are we try to limit as much as we can, and if we are inside at all we made sure to mask up.” said Nicholas Massey (‘23). 

To be even safer, some players get ready somewhere else. “After practice, most players take showers in the locker room, but I drive to Embry Mills and use my membership to take a shower before I go to school,” Khalis Garrett Bey (’22) said. 

The players will continue to practice and get ready for their first game of the season.