The Guide to Being a Green Wall Eagle


Ashley Stafira (’25), Evengely Terjera (’23), and Maddie Stachelek (’22) cheering on their teammates. Photo: Marissa Hamlett.

Kieran Murphy , Sports Editor

 With Colonial Forge having their own ways to celebrate sporting events, there are lots of things to keep straight, and this is your guide to being an active Colonial Forge Eagle. It is no secret that a big part of school sports is spirit. Although the athletes on the field, court, or track are the ones that are focused on, the fans are just as crucial for the success of a school. With sports coming back with in-person schooling many students, particularly freshmen and sophomores, don’t know how to be the best fans they can be and support the teams.

What is the Green Wall and how do I get into it?

The Green Wall is a tradition at Colonial Forge football games and is made up of cheerleaders, the marching band, and dedicated fans. Everyone is welcome and by going to the games, you are part of the Green Wall. The longer you have been doing something, the closer you get to it. Seniors are in the front with Juniors behind, then Sophomores and finally Freshmen are in the back. To become a Green Wall leader, you must show that you are a dedicated fan and in your Senior year it’s possible for you to be chosen.

How much does it cost to get into games?

You can’t support the teams if you don’t know the price of admission. For six dollars, you can get into any sporting event such as football, volleyball, basketball, and more. On Gofan you can get virtual tickets, although there is a small convenience fee added on. Instead of paying six dollars every time you want to get into a home game, you could instead get a student pass which costs fifty dollars but will get you a general admission ticket into every single home event that allows spectators.

Where and when are the games?

It’s difficult to support your team if you don’t know when and where the games are. A great way to find out all this information is to just go to the school’s athletic website, Forge Athletics, go to what sport and team you are looking for, click on “Schedule”, and mark your calendar. It really is as easy as that.

Which rules need to be followed as a fan?

The rules are pretty simple, everyone is there for the experience, don’t ruin it for others by making it about yourself. In some sports, there are special rules. For tennis, you should be quiet and respectful while the match is taking place. For football, if you are there as a fan on the Green Wall, you are expected to celebrate and cheer for your team. 

Will there be food at events?

A large portion of the sporting event is the food, they serve things such as hotdogs, popcorn, nachos, and much more. Most sporting events have concession stands to provide snacks for the spectators. On the other hand, though, some sports, such as tennis and golf don’t have concessions available so make sure to eat beforehand.