Eagles Soar Over The Hawks

Will Hagaman, Editor in Chief

The girls varsity soccer team attended an away game against Brooke Point High School on March 14, at 7 PM. For the first many minutes of the game, a back-and-forth battle took place for the ball. Countless times in the first few minutes the ball moved from team to team, person to person, with no end in sight. The eagles quickly rushed up to the Brooke Point goal and passed the ball to and from each other, and quickly kicked it into the goal. Scoring the first point of the game, and it went to the proud Forge team.

The second goal went to Brooke Point, tying the game. The players quickly rebounded from Forge scoring the first goal, and rushed the Forge goal as a team, and through many quick movements were able to score their first goal.

The night had a clear twilight sky, with a 66 degree Fahrenheit temperature and low winds, but the fires of passion that were stoked by the game gave everyone warmth. The night eventually began to freeze ever more. The chances of Brooke Point winning the game, froze like the air, and set like the sun.

Points for Forge kept being scored, over and over again. Eventually there was a stalemate in the game, and although Forge was winning, they were prevented from scoring more goals by Brooke Point’s defensive line. But Forge was still far ahead, with a score of 4-1 in their favor.

With only 18 minutes left in the game, Forge scored their fifth point of the night. Tayrn Chance was on the right side of the field flipped back and forth with the ball, eventually losing her tail by the Brooke players. She then passed it to one of her teammates, and after seemingly losing the chance to score when they overshot on the right side of the goal, she then passed it. She then kicked it through the air, and the ball landed next to fellow Forge eagle, who reacted quickly and kicked it into the goal, scoring a point to Forge.  The goal was then answered with thunderous applause from the audience, as the score lead of Colonial Forge was only expanded.

Forge player, Ava Kergate, ran into a Brooke Point goalie, with both staying on the ground for many seconds after the collision, Ava quickly left with her team, but the goalie remained on the ground in agony. The game paused for several minutes, with the scoreboard frozen with a remaining game time of 14 minutes. After many minutes, the goalie was then escorted off the field, limping the whole way. The goalie escorted with an understanding applause at her devotion by all fans on both sets of bleachers. Brooke Point then brought on a new goalie, and started to train her, making her block many testing shots before the game began to continue on.

Brian Foley, the Forge coach, in regards to the injury that just happened on the field, shouted to his players, “Back off, that’s our gift to them.” The eagles then slowly withdrew from their close positions to the Brooke Point goal, and moved back near the middle of the field.

The whistle was eventually sounded, marking the end of the game. An end to a remarkable game, with Forge winning with a score of 5-1. Although it was a sweeping victory for Forge, it was still an exciting game, with the moves from both sides leaving the spectators awed.