Volleyball Neon Night

Kieran Murphy, Sports Editor

The second that the Girls varsity volleyball team took the court at 6:15 on Sep 6, the mood turned immediately electric. Between the sheer excitement radiating off of the student section, and Coach Hempe hyping up her team, it was clear that this was going to be a good game. After roughly thirty minutes of warmups, those being lobs back and forth between teammates, from both Forge and North Stafford, the JV team dealt out high fives before Forge drama teacher, Jeff Clevenger, came out to deliver the first serve. The serve sailed over the net, this of course being a good omen for Forge who came out ready to play. With North Stafford scoring the opening point, Forge quickly fired back however with 3 straight points. The team really shined as a unit in this first match. Anyone in the stands could tell that they were having a good time which led to the Eagles winning the first match 25-22. Some might say that the play on the court was elite and to prove this point, one could point to Claire Wortman who had 9 kills and 15 digs on the night.

Game 2 started off just as quickly as game 1 was finished. For the second time, North Stafford scored the opening point which was then followed by multiple points scored by the Forge team to take the lead. At this point, the team had gotten into their groove and once they got going, they couldn’t be stopped. This being apparent in the performance by team libero, Eva Tejera who had 19 digs throughout the 3 matches. The game was so onesides that at one point Forge was winning by a 9 point deficit. The Eagles got the win in the second round, 25-17. 

In the third and final round of the match, the Eagles, once again came back from 0-1 to win 25-17 again. When the final point was scored, served by Hollan McCarthy, the Green Wall, dressed in all neon, erupted into cheers. With “All I do is Win” playing from the loudspeakers and the Green Wall leaders cheering as loud as possible, the Forge team emerged victorious over North Stafford which moved them to 8-2-2 on the season. The leading player on the Forge side was Izzy Ostvig with 5 aces, 24 assists, 8 kills and 14 digs on the night.  When asked about the performance, Coach Hempe stated, “It was a team effort to beat North. We served in the court and aggressively. Each player executed their game plan at a very high level.”